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Unfortunately, spam robots have harvested the heck out of the Micronauts Homepage, to the point where I am being deluged with spam telling me how inadequate I am physically (if you know what I mean), how much I can save on my mortgage, etc. In any case, I've had to remove my email address from the web page. However, you can still email me, it just takes a little effort.

You'll see a mailto link below, but it won't have my real email address in it. When you click the link, change the word 'dot' and the word 'at' to the more familiar '.' and '@'. For example, if the link was to uceatftcdotgov, you'd change the To: address in your favorite email program to (by the way, report spam to that address). That being said, here's the link:

email to the author.

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Mailing Lists

Just in case you're not getting enough email, there's a mailing list for all things Micronaut and related toys. Ray Miller, a long-time Micronaut devotee, has set up a YahooTM group for pictures and discussions about our favorite toys.

To join, go to and join the group named Micropolis_Embassy. Ray will approve your membership, and away you go!

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Online Chat

There used to be a scheduled online chat about all things Micronaut, but it sort of dropped off. If another surfaces, I'll put the information here.