Izzurian Lords of Light

Emperor DementiaEmperor Dementia: Ruthless leader of the Evilites sworn to kill all Izzurians. He is a humanoid figure with a highly modified Kronos body. He also carries a replica of Antron's 4-spiked weapon as a kind of sabre.

TopenTopen : Evilite reptilian killer. Topen has a clear Kronos body, and Lobros arms, legs, head and weapons. Unlike Lobros, the head is not jointed, but is fixed in an open position and includes a clear brain and antennae. Topen also has a set of clear Repto wings.

NeposNepos : Swift insect-like Evilite annihilator. A Kronos clone, Nepos's wings are clear, as is his head. His body and his ankle pieces aretranslucent green. His feet and his gun are black.

ToriacToriac : Dreaded bat-like evilite creature. Toriac has a translucent-purple Kronos body, with light purple Antron legs and arms, but he only has one set of arms, not two. Toriac also has a clear Antron head, clear Repto wings, a clear Repto buzzsaw and a black Repto blaster.