The Micronauts Movie

The ENTIRE TAPE has been re-edited, and a lot of great stuff has been added! The "contents" page now goes like this:

 1) Micronauts Movie - full-speed version     2:05
 2) Micronauts Movie - slow-mo version        4:06
 3) Micronauts Movie - voice-over version    13:38 (frame by frame)
 4) Tom's Collection - part 1                16:13
 5) Tom's Collection - part 2                10:00
 6) Tom's Collection - part 3                54:13 (includes Microman song)

The total running time is now 101 MINUTES! The Collection segments cover a lot of RARE pieces, some of which you might never see anywhere else, and part 3, which comprises over half the tape, gets very close to the toys so you can see all the detail. People have told me that they feel like they are actually holding the toys themselves when they watch this part. Here are some of the highlights you'll see:

EMPEROR, Megas, GEAG, Centaurus, Kronos, LOBROS, Captain Cosmo, Count Magno, Kronoform Invacepton, Rescue Tower Base, Robotman 2, Arden Robo, ACROYEAR AMAZON, Hoodman, Timanic, Robot Machine Z, Solarion, TAURION, Servoman Missiler, Magna Warriors (Red Falcon clones), Mini Death Cross, and many more!

Oh yes, and there's a little music video I tossed together too, put to the song "Chiisana Kyojin Microman" (from the Japanese Microman TV commercials). The song is a hoot! You just have to see it to believe it.

Anyhow, the new cost of the tape is $15 (US), which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. For Canada, add $1. All other countries, inquire first please. Anyone who has sent for an earlier version can "upgrade" to the new version for just $10, shipping included. Please send your check or money order to:

Tom Vigneau
265 Depot Road
Harwich, MA 02645