Vital Statistics

  • Role : "Steed" for Repto
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 17 cm
  • Weapons : Dual Lasers
  • Transportation : Bipedal (wheels on feet)
  • Special Features :
  • Accessories :
  • Release Date : 1979

Ampzilla is a true prize for any Micronaut collector. He's the same greenish color as Repto and stands somewhere between Baron Karza and Biotron in height. Maybe it's all the hype, but when I first gazed upon a real Ampzilla, I expected him to be taller... Anyway, Ampzilla, like the other aliens, is a twisted scrambling of technology and biogenetics. The light green, hard plastic body appears to be all scales, except for a large control panel that's embedded in his chest. Painted-on dials, readouts, meters, and two large, blue plastic pipes betray Ampzilla as more than mere flesh. Ampzilla's arms and legs are a darker colors and are purely mechanical. His legs attach via post and socket joints and have a "knee" joint before the wheel assemblies that serve as feet. Each foot has six wheels in two rows, ensuring that Ampzilla can navigate over a multitude of terrains at high speed. The arms also attach via post and socket and bend at both the elbow and wrist. Nasty looking, two-fingered claws make up the hands.
Ampzilla side view Ampzilla has two blue laser cannon mounted high atop his head, giving maximum weapons coverage. Each cannon can swivel independently to attack multiple targets. An interesting feature on Ampzilla is that his back has a hatch that allows an alien (or any other Micronaut who would be so bold) to have a seat.
Ampzilla Ampzilla is modeled after a dinosaur, or some other large monster reptile with a similar name... :-)

The Box
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