Vital Statistics

  • Role : Unknown
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Laser crossbow
  • Transportation : Quadripedal
  • Special Features : Glowing brain, centaur
  • Accessories : Weapons, deflector shield
  • Released : 1977


Centaurus is the Conquering Gladiator from the Remote Planet of Equestris. The most notable feature of Centaurus (other than the fact that he's a centaur) is his flowing glow-in-the-dark brain/mane. All of the other aliens have a traditional "lump of plastic" brain, so this sculpted mane is unique among the aliens. Centaurus has a black body with an almost scaly tail, reminiscent of earthworm segments or a scorpion's tail. Each of Centaurus's legs are blue with spikes protruding just above his black hooves. Centaurus's head looks more like that of a dog and pivots on a ball joint. Blue and orange arms terminate in the traditional alien stump connectors.

[Centaurus rear view]Centuarus and Lobros are the only aliens with defense mechanisms, namely, deflector shields. Centaurus also carries a laser crossbow, another departure from the typical blaster weapons.
[Centaurus side view]As far as is known, Centaurus only came with one brain color. As with the other alien figures, Centaurus's brain glows in the dark if it has been exposed to a strong light.

The Card Art
[Front of card]