Vital Statistics

  • Role : Custom figure
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Four blasters
  • Transportation : Two feet, wings
  • Special Features :
  • Accessories : None
  • Release Date : Unknown


Chromantron isn't really an official Micronaut, but he's so popular that he deserves to be mentioned in this compendium. Chromantron is obviously based on Antron; he shares most of his body parts. Instead of different arm attachments, Chromantron goes straight for the blasters for all four arm sockets. Another notable feature is that Chromantron has a set of Repto wings that have been shaped slightly.

Chromantron's most striking feature is that he is almost all chrome. Everything except for his arm socket joints and feet is bathed in an exquisite chrome finish. This is an excellent reminder of how custom figures can enhance a collection, and that there are some very talented Micronaut fans out there.