Vital Statistics

  • Role : Assault creature
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : unknown (l x w x h)
  • Weapons : Twin lasers
  • Transportation : Four feet
  • Special Features : Remote-control, motorized walking
  • Accessories : Remote control unit
  • Release Date : Unknown

Iguanos is one of three Micronauts of which nobody is known to have. The only data on Iguanos comes from Marty Abrams, former CEO of Mego Corp. during the showing of the Micronauts commercials during MicroCon97. Iguanos is a motorized Triceratops (with only two horns) that waddles around, controlled by a wireless remote (gotta love the RF transmitters of the 70s!). He has dual lasers emerging from his bony head shield, which also servers as protection for his passenger. These lasers may extend and retract in sync with Iguanos's walking motion. Life is in style with Iguanos as his passenger sits in a chair that is mounted directly to Iguanos's back. It is thought that Iguanos was never made in quantity or released to the public, but there might be a couple in existence, if only prototypes.