Vital Statistics

  • Role : Unknown
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Manta Blaster
  • Transportation : Bipedal, aerial
  • Special Features : Glowing brain, wings
  • Accessories : Weapon
  • Released : 1977


Kronos is the Clawed Carrier of Destruction from the Forbidden World of Udanax (say that fast 3 times!). The most notable feature of Kronos is his insect wings. Kronos is the only known alien that can fly without a vehicle. Kronos has a pair of antenna sprouting from his glow-in-the-dark brain, which also makes his somewhat different from the lump-of-plastic brains in the other aliens. Kronos most closely resembles a praying mantis; he even holds his manta blaster in the "praying" position. Kronos has three wing segments - left, right, and center. All can pivot around a central attachment point. Kronos has green limbs with a red/orange torso and eyes. You will not see Kronos in your local FootLocker store - he has the funkiest looking feet around. Two gnarly, split toes protrude from under a shield, making shoes a laughable matter.

[Kronos rear view]Kronos is the only alien figure without stump arms. As such, he cannot use any of the other aliens's weapons. He holds his manta blaster between his two "hands" - folded segments of his front limbs. He is also the only alien with just one weapon/shield. As far as is known, Kronos only came with one brain color. As with the other alien figures, Kronos's brain glows in the dark if it has been exposed to a strong light.

The Card Art
[Front of card]