Vital Statistics

  • Role : Vehicle for Lobros
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Dimensions : 23 cm x 16 cm x 6 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weapons : Dual laser cannons
  • Transportation : Eight-wheeled
  • Special Features : Pincers, antenna
  • Accessories :
  • Release Date : 1979

Lobstros back viewLobstros is also a Micronaut collector's prize, though not as popular as the infamous Ampzilla. Lobstros is lobster red, and is little more that a squat, six-legged/wheeled vehicle (with two more wheels up front, supporting his pincers). The tinted cockpit canopy flips forward to reveal a no-frills chair for Lobros.
Lobstros side view Lobstros has two black laser cannon that can swivel in their posts. In addition, two big, yellow, spring-loaded pincers keep enemies at a safe distance from this monster. Lobstros forgoes the formality of legs and rolls around on six black wheels that are attached to darker colored legs. The pincers have small wheels underneath that help keep the balance with an otherwise front-heavy body.
Lobstros front view Lobstros is modeled after a lobster (imagine that!). Apparently, either there were either different versions of Lobstros, or the box picture was of an earlier prototype that was modified before Lobstros actually became a toy. From the box view below, Lobstros is much sleeker, with Lobros lying flat on his back. The released toy actually has a chair for poor Lobros (maybe he had back problems, and the vehicle was changed to avoid OSHA lawsuits...). In addition, the box shows squiggly antenna, while the released version has straight ones.

The Box
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