Vital Statistics

  • Role : Unknown
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Hydra-laser, blaster
  • Transportation : Bipedal
  • Special Features : Glowing brain, hydra-pack
  • Accessories : Weapons, hydra-pack
  • Released : 1977


Membros is the Slithery Skinned Invader from the Remote World of Visceros. Membros looks as though he was modeled after a crab. His eyes appear to be mounted on stalks, and he has some kind of mandibles hanging out of his mouth. If you look closely, Membros resembles a Tusken Raider from Star Wars (maybe it's only me that sees the resemblence). As with Lobros, Membros has the same "cooked lobster" color body. Besides rippling muscles, Membros is covered with bumps and appears to have exposed intestines.

[Membros rear view]Membros has the traditional stump arms, carring a blaster for a weapon. In addition, Membros carries a hyrdra-laser that is powered by a hydra-pack that attaches to the 5mm hole n his back. The weapon is attached to the pack by a tube (that is frequently missing, much to collectors' chagrin).
[Membros brains]Depending on where you bought him and when, Membros had either the traditional grayish brain, or a darker, reddish-orange brain.

The Card Art
[Front of card]