Vital Statistics

  • Role : Unknown
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Laser saw, blaster
  • Transportation : Bipedal, aerial
  • Special Features : Glowing brain, wings
  • Accessories : Weapons, wings
  • Released : 1977


Repto is the Half Man Half Reptile from the Distant Planet of Sauria. Like Kronos, Repto has wings. But these wings are more like a Pteradactyl's, leathery and smooth. Repto is also the only alien with a tail, and it makes posing the figure easier because now you have a tripod, albeit an unsteady one. Repto is a greenish color and jsut looks evil. His head is sculpted into a point at the front, and his rectangular brain fits in a slot on top of his head.

[Repto rear view]Repto has one of the few non-firing alien weapons, the laser saw. It's essentially a spinning disc that fits onto one of Repto's arm stumps. The other arms carries a traditional blaster for long-distance affairs.
[Repto brains]Depending on where you bought him and when, Repto had either the traditional grayish brain, or a darker, orange brain.

The Card Art
[Front of card]