Vital Statistics

  • Role : Vehicle for Antrons
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Dimensions : y cm x y cm x y cm (l x w x h)
  • Weapons : None visible
  • Transportation : Propeller, aquatic
  • Special Features : Battery-powered motor
  • Accessories : None
  • Release Date : 1979

Sharkos side view

Sharkos moves the alien invaders into the sea with a mechanical reproduction of a shark (so it's not just a clever name). As the rare aliens go, Sharkos is probably the least remarkable (and has received much criticism as such). He's made of metal and is painted green. Black plastic fins protrude from his otherwise streamlined fuselage (except for the chair mount, that is). Black "eyes" give Sharkos an eerie glare.

Sharkos is powered by the familiar Hydrocopter motor, which fits right inside the fuselage, no underbody attachment as in Aquatron. This motor is colored black and has an orange propeller to speed Sharkos towards his target. Attached to the bottom of the motor is an adjustable rudder so you can make Sharkos spin in circles and keep him from getting lost in the bathtub.

The Box
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