Vital Statistics
[Acroyear Pink] [Acroyear Green]

  • Role : Unknown
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Sword
  • Transportation : Bipedal, aerial
  • Special Features : Rotor wings, wheeled feet
  • Accessories : Remote-controlled plane
  • Colors: Pink, Green, Blue
  • Released : 1976


Acroyear (pronounced uh-KROY-yer) is one of the earliest and most popular Micronauts. Rotor wings carry him just about anywhere in the Microverse, but if he feels like cruising on land, his oversize feet sport wheels underneath. Acroyear's body is a white metal with a chromed breast plate, giving him a knightish appearance. But his black legs, and black, robotic arms betray his sinister countenance. Acroyear's head is a chromed helmet that can be reversed for a more robotic appearance. A chromed sword, which fits into either hand, rounds out this dark knight.

Acroyear's one accessory, a winged plane, almost seems out of place, as it doesn't really attach to anything. In fact, there's really no way for Acroyear to even hold it securely. Sources have told that this plane is actually a Microman accessory.

Here's a Microbyte from the packaging about the plane: Acroyear's bird-like accessory was never identified in 1977, but is actually intended to be a "Spy-Drone".

[Acroyear rear view] [Acroyear flying wing]
[Acroyear CGI]

The Card
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