Vital Statistics

  • Role : Space Warrior
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Rocket launcher
  • Transportation : Bipedal, aerial
  • Special Features : Rocket pack
  • Accessories : Remote-controlled plane
  • Colors: Red, blue, silver
  • Released : 1976


Acroyear II, the successor to the mighty Acroyear, looks evil to the core. From his satanic-looking helmet, to his balled robotic hands, to his tiny clawed feet, Acroyear II imparts the feeling of sinister mal-intent.

As Micronauts go, Acroyear II is no successor. He's much more flimsily constructed than his predecessor, to the point where it's a feat just to get him to stand up for any period of time without falling apart. Acroyear II has a solid metal torso, which attaches to a chromed pelvis via our familiar 5 mm peg. The knee joints on Acroyear II simply fit together and tend to come apart very easily resulting in the before-mentioned tumbles. A rocket pack/wing fits into the hole in Acroyear II's back giving him the abaility to fly, though it's not nearly as spectacular as Acroyear's rotor wings. Two chrome balls serve as hands somehow - maybe he doesn't ever need to hold anything.

Acroyear II has a rocket launcher as an accessory. In addition, if you remove his legs and arms and attach the option wheeled assemblies, you can make Acroyear II into a wheeled attack vehicle.

[Acroyear II rear view] [Acroyear II accessories]

The Card
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