Vital Statistics
[Galactic Defender Gray] [Galactic Defender Yellow] [Galactic Defender White]

  • Role : Space warrior
  • Alignment : Good
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : Laser sword, stun carbine
  • Transportation : Bipedal, aerial
  • Special Features : Rocket pack, leg booster rockets, aerobionic helmet
  • Accessories : Weapons, helmet, flying accesories
  • Colors: Gray, Yellow, White
  • Released : 1978 Series III


Galactic Defender is the most accessorized of the 5 cm Micronauts. He comes with to get around everything: a aerobionic helmet, flying accompaniments (winged armlets, leg rockets, and a rocket backpack). In addition, Galactic Defender carries a variety of weaponry - a stun carbine for distance encounters, and a laser sword for those close engagements.

Galactic Defender's aerobionic helmet is quite detailed, showing all the pumps and gauges that protect our hero from the ravages of the elements, disease, and maybe even time itself. When the Micronauts encountered Galactic Defender, his aerobionic helmet/suit had kept him alive for centuries (I'll let you read the comics for more details).

[Galactic Defender rear view] [Galacti Defender front view]
[Galactic Defenders Sitting

The Card
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