Vital Statistics
[Time Travelers Front View]

  • Role : Unknown
  • Alignment : Good
  • Height : 5 cm
  • Weapons : None
  • Transportation : Bipedal
  • Special Features : None
  • Accessories : 5 mm peg
  • Colors: Transparent: Clear, Yellow, Orange, Blue
  • Colors: Solid: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red
  • Released : 1976


Time Traveler is the most common of all Micronauts. A Time Traveler was included with each Crater Cruncher, Warp Racer, and Ultronic Scooter. Just about every Micronaut vehicle was designed to fit a Time Traveler. As an example, the Hornetroid alien vehicle doesn't really fit Antron, Membros, or Lobros, but a Time Traveler fits right in there.

[Opaque Time Travelers]

Time Traveler comes in several different colors. In addition, there are two variations in coloring: translucent, and opaque. The transparent scheme is the most common and is included with the Micronaut vehicles. The opaque Time Travelers are much rarer.

The Card
[Front of card]