Microtron Microtron has two heads. The traditional head folds out into a chair for other figures, and the second head looks like a demon head. Microtron gets around on motorized tank treads and has revolving wheels for arms. When his real arms are attached, he holds a lance. Although, it's inappropriately located, Microtron has a large drill/screw that is also motorized.

Nemesis : Motorized Adversary Robot. Looks similar to Microtron with a motorized track and rotating drill (in a strange location). I'm not sure who thought up the color scheme though - pink & black? Click on the picture or here to view larger photo.

Giant Acroyear : Immense fighting machine with a plethora of weaponry. Arms detach and become robot warriors. Also comes with a mini ship that fires its nosecone.

Biotron : Biotron is the workhorse of the Micronauts, and is probably the biggest (at least in weight and bulk). He has a motorized track on his back for motion while lying down, and he also walks by himself, albeit rather slowly. There is a clear plastic cockpit on his front where a figure can be placed to pilot him. Biotron's hands are spring loaded clips and his arm and head sockets are motorized. Some of the MEGO literature suggests that Biotron is actually the leader of the Micronauts, or at least their greatest weapon against the evil Baron Karza.

Phobos : Evil counterpart to Biotron. Has a motorized track on his back (useful when he's configured as a tank), and has a mechanized walk. Has a variety of spare parts to make all kinds of motorized creations.

Blizzard : Halfway between Baron Karza and Time Traveler in stature, Blizzard is an unusual hybrid of man and machine. He is blue and yellow with a red backpack and gun that he carries like Galactic Warrior, and is permanently fixed to a vehicle that looks like a hovercraft (with twin propeller fans in back). This backpack and gun, or "blizzard cannon", are not removable, so your interchangeability options are limited. Blizzard has a battery-powered Cosmic Vibration Motor, that makes it look like he's hovering on smooth surfaces. Actually, some stiff plastic bristles, and a AA battery-powered motor are doing the trick. Blizzard comes from the Microman line, where there are three additional models sporting different color schemes. Mego had intended to have Blizzard come with a spaceship, which he could use by detaching his torso from the lower part of his body.Blizzard with Time Traveler