Vital Statistics

  • Role : Emperor
  • Alignment : Unknown (assumed evil)
  • Height : 16.5 cm
  • Weapons : Chest missile (rubber-tipped, 3 included), firing fists (8 fists included), sword
  • Transportation : Rocket pack, bipedal
  • Special Features : Magno-powered, glow-in-the-dark facial features and fists
  • Accessories : Magno-to-Micronaut joint adapters (2)

Emperor's official title is "Il grande imperatore di tutti I Micronauti," which is Italian for "The great Emperor of all Micronauts." Emperor was released in Italy as part of the I Micronauti line by Gig.
Emperor looks a lot like his magno powered counterparts, such as Baron Karza, with magnetic ball & socket joints in his arms and legs. The knees and elbows are held together by a typical one-degree-of-freedom joint. Emperor's arms and legs are black, just like Baron Karza, but his body is gold and the highlights that are usually red on Baron Karza (such as those chest nubs) are also black. Emperor also has a gold longsword that fits over his right hand and wrist like a gauntlet. While the sword restricts this to his right hand, both fists do fire from a spring-loaded mechanism near his elbow.

Emperor's head isn't made of hard plastic like the other magno-powered Micronauts; it's made of a softer, rubber/vinyl material. Battle-axe-shaped protrusions extend from the head/helmet and there's a sinister grin on Emperor's face. Emperor also has a cape, which is also made of rubber/vinyl and has a hole in it for the head. The magnetically attached head holds the cape in place.

Emperor Back View Emperor comes with eight hands instead of the usual four. One set of four is black, the other set is a yellow-green. Emperor is also equiped with the rocket pack with black cones, as are the top halves of the rockets themselves. The bottom half of each rocket is the same rocket pack that we all know and love. The bottom half of each rocket is also yellow-green as are the universal ball joints that go on the ends of the rockets. Because Emperor was very late in the Micronauts line (and wasn't even really a "Mego Micronaut", he came with three rubber-tipped chest missiles.
Emperor Although Emperor's yellow-green hands, rocket pack, and facial features seem a little out of place in a Micronaut figure, more along the lines of the garishly colored Interchangeables line, turning out the lights reveals their true purpose - they glow. Place Emperor under a strong light for about a minute and then turn out the lights. You'll see that sinister grin staring back at you.
One other point of interest is that Emperor was NOT released by Mego. The box looks exactly the same as any other Mego box, accept it was released by a company called "Lion Rock Limited." Evidently they bought the rights from Mego in the last set of the Micronauts released. There have been reports of two different swords being available for Emperor, one gold, and one clear that allows the hand/fist to glow through it. There are also rumors that a comic book comes with the Italian version of Emperor, though this has not been confirmed.
King Atlas in the box Emperor can become a centaur with the Megas figure by removing his legs and placing his torso in the cavity left by Megas's head

The Box
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