Vital Statistics
Baron Karza

  • Role : Leader of the evil Micronauts
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 16.5 cm
  • Weapons : Chest missile (rubber-tipped, 3 included), firing fists (4 fists included)
  • Transportation : Rocket pack, bipedal
  • Special Features : Magno-powered
  • Accessories : Magno-to-Micronaut joint adapters (2)
  • Release Date : 1977

Baron Karza is one of the most popular (and fortunately, plentiful) Micronauts. He looks a lot like his magno powered counterparts, with magnetic ball & socket joints in his arms, legs, and head. The knees and elbows are held together by a typical one-degree-of-freedom joint. Baron Karza is colored black, with red highlights on his chest nubs, chest missile, and rocket pack cones. Baron Karza and Force Commander are sworn enemies, which is reflected in their black and white coloring.
Baron Karza back view Baron Karza has a the traditional rocket pack which is all black, save for the upper cones, which are red. A single, red missile protrudes from the front of his midsection, which is fired from a lever which is nestled behind his rocket pack (there are two spares). Both of Baron Karza's fists fire, activated from triggers on his forearms. Since the fists are easy to lose, two spares were included. Since Baron Karza was one of the first Micronauts, he comes with the "unsafe," smaller missiles instead of the large rubber-tipped missiles, such as those included with Emperor.
Of all the Magno-powered Micronauts, Karza's color scheme is the most sinister. He is all black with blood-red colored chest nubs and missiles.
Baron Karza Centaur Baron Karza can become a centaur with the Andromeda figure by removing his legs and placing his torso in the cavity left by Andromeda's head. Baron Karza received his name as an internal joke at Mego. Apparently, one of the staff's name was Azrak, which, when spelled backwards, becomes Karza.

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