Vital Statistics

  • Role : Steed to Emperor
  • Height : 16.5 cm
  • Weapons : Dual, side-mounted rocket launchers (rubber tipped)
  • Transportation : Quadpedal or four wheels
  • Special Features : Magno-powered
  • Accessories : Wheeled accessory kit
  • Released : 1977 / 1978

Megas was released in Italy as part of the I Micronauti line by Gig. The imprint on his body reads 1977, but the instructions are dated 1978. Megas came with the rubber-tipped missiles, the only detractors to this otherwise stunning creature. Even with this imperfection, Megas is probably the best-looking Micronaut horse.

Megas looks very much like the other magno-powered horses such as Andromeda, but on closer examination, there are some differences. The most immediate difference is that instead of being all black, Megas has a radiant gold chrome finish on his body, tail, hooves, and mane. Megas is also made of a different material, almost a rubbery plastic with a matte finish, more along the lines of Emperor's head and cape than Andromeda's glossy plastic. Finally, Megas has pre-painted eyes, so no stickers are necessary.

[Megas on wheels]Megas has accessories to become a wheeled veicle by removing his legs and replacing them with the black-ob-black wheels and hubs. There is a set of larger hubs for the front and smaller hubs with rubber tracks for the rear.
[Emperor Centaur]Megas can become part of a centaur figure with Emperor. Just remove Megas's head and replace it with Emperor's torso.

The Box
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