Lords of Light

The Lords of Light homepage was officially created on November 7th, 1996.

Lords of Light Card backThe Lords of Light came out shortly after Mego folded, having purchased the rights to the alien molds. The toy line did not last long, but featured look-alikes or variations to Antron, Repto, Kronos, Centaurus, Lobros, Karrio, Star Searcher, Solarion, Star Defender, and Taurion.

The toy series was divided into the good, who were of the Izzurian race and were called the Lords of Light, and the evil, called Evilites, and the vehicles/playsets.

BulletThe Izzurian Lords of Light

BulletThe Evilites

BulletLords of Light Vehicles and Playsets

BulletComparison between Micronaut and Lords of Light toys.

The Lords of Light were put out by PAC toys, Inc. and are copyright L.R. Associates International, patent pending.